Community and Social Commitment – CSC

 “Ashleigh has built up an enviable reputation in the construction industry as a leading edge supplier. It is vital that we continue to provide support and opportunities in the communities that we are involved in.”

- Euan Clark, Commercial Director

Recruitment and Training

Ashleigh Building enjoys an enviable track record in recruitment and training through our established Employment and Apprenticeship programme. We are committed to the employment of trade and professional apprentices each year, re-employing the ‘hard to reach’,  tailor individual training programmes for our personnel and the promotion from within our organisation to cultivate organic growth.

New Apprentices 2017

Apprentices 2017

New Apprentices 2016

New Apprentices 2016

Local Schools

We are committed to the ongoing engagement and involvement with local primary and secondary schools. We visit local primary schools within close proximity of our projects to raise awareness of any relevant issues and promote Health and Safety good practice. These visits incorporate the gift of branded sporting goods and a ‘grand design’ competition for participating pupils.

Primary School Presentation

Competition Winner

Competition Winner

Site Tours at Ardrossan Quayside

Timecapsule, Usual Place, Dumfries and Galloway

Time Capsule, Usual Place, Dumfries and Galloway

We also interact with local secondary schools, attending careers events, providing one on one mentoring, arranging mock interviews and also offering work experience on-site and in our Prestwick and Dumfries offices. We have implemented similar initiatives with local colleges, sponsoring awards, offering work placements and arranging site tours for construction students.

College walk round Kiln Court, Irvine

College walk round Kiln Court, Irvine

Work Experience, Newton Mearns

Belmont Academy Construction Project

Local Sports Associations

Ashleigh Building have sponsored and supported a variety of sports associations.

Ardrossan Winton Rovers Football Team

Ardrossan Winton Rovers Football Team

Dumfries, Local Football team

Dumfries, Local Football team

Ardrossan Ladies Rugby Club

Ardrossan Ladies Rugby Club

Local and Supported Businesses, and Social Enterprises

Ashleigh Building support local business, we offer tender and business development workshops, hold meet the buyer events, have an approved supply chain that allows us to use tier two and three suppliers and sub-contractors.  Whilst we utilise a number of Social Enterprises, we are looking to develop and grow our involvement and support with these organisations.

Developing the Young Workforce

Managing Director David Smith is the Chairman of the Developing the Young Workforce Ayrshire and Business Director Douglas Small is on the board for the Developing the Young Workforce Dumfries and Galloway.  The Developing the Young Workforce is a seven-year programme that aims to better prepare children and young people from 3–18 for the world of work. As a company we have a strong focus on helping the younger generation learn about the working environment and the various employment opportunities within construction.

Investors in Young People

We have been accredited with the Investors in Young People Scotland award. We have a continued investment in young people and realise their importance to the growth of our organisation. There is constant encouragement to ensure that our young personnel strive to be their best and we continue to support them as part of our Strategic Training Plan. We have a total of thirty young people working within our organisation in both trade and professional positions.

Community Involvement

We have ensured involvement with the local communities surrounding all of our projects and look to continue to develop our involvement in future projects. Should you wish to make an enquiry regarding our Community and Social Commitment please contact Claire Hosie

Construction Partnership Project 2016

Kilmarnock Acadmey painting their murals at our Hill Street Development, Kilmarnock